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A Kalahari Family - documentary
Video Stills: A Kalahari Family
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Top: 1957-58, !U Dabe, ≠Oma Tsamkxao's wife, at home in /Aotcha carrying one of her children.

Bottom: 1978, !U dancing at the family's settlement outside of the Tjum!kui administrative post in Bushmanland.
!U Dabe (1922-- )

!U Dabe inherited rights to /Aotcha waterhole from her parents, Dabe and N!unkxa. Although her parents promised her to another man, !U persisted in choosing her own husband and married ≠Oma Tsamkxao. They raised six children: Tsamkxao ≠Oma, /Kaece ≠Oma, N!unkxa (Lorna) ≠Oma, Di//xao ≠Oma, Bau ≠Oma, Kxao (Moses) ≠Oma. During the 1950s !U and ≠Oma worked extensively with the Marshall family helping them with their research and documentation of Ju/'hoan life. When !U gave birth to a baby girl, N!unkxa ≠Oma, in 1952, she gave her the name 'Lorna' after Lorna Marshall.

In 1959 !U and ≠Oma gave up the traditional Ju/'hoan gathering-hunting life and settled with their extended family in Tjum!kui. In 1981 the family left Tjum!kui to establish a farming settlement at /Aotcha waterhole. !U was widowed in 1985.

In good health, in 2002, !U lives in Tjum!kui with her eldest son Tsamkxao (a government official) and her youngest daughter Bau (a former health worker). !U owns her own cattle and still gathers bushfoods. She also receives a small government pension.