Fiscal Sponsorship Application

Who is eligible for DER fiscal sponsorship?

Filmmakers and directors of educational media projects who reside in North America are eligible for fiscal sponsorship through DER. We cannot sponsor filmmakers outside North America.

How do I apply for fiscal sponsorship?

Filmmakers and educational media project directors should submit the following documents:

  • •   3-page proposal. A strong proposal will include the following elements:
    1. The significance of the film/project.
    2. A brief discussion of the story and/or aspects of the issue you will explore.
    3. Your unique qualifications for completing this project successfully, such as knowledge, skills, access, or history of involvement with the characters and/or subject matter.
    4. The genre and/or visual style of the film (e.g. observational or experimental documentary, use of formal or informal interviews, inclusion of narration, style of shooting or editing, and use of archival footage).
    5. Discussion of films or media projects, if any, that have served as models for this project or treat similar subject matter and/or how your film will differ from these.
    6. Where you are in the research, development and/or production process, including a brief description of work completed.
    7. An outline of your plans for fundraising for the project. Will you been seeking funding from federal funders, foundation and/or private donations? Please mention any major grants you will be applying for. Are you planning on doing events and/or crowdfunding campaigns?
    8. A brief timeline for your project, indicating when you expect to complete key milestones.
    9. How you intend to distribute the film, including your target audience.
    10. Links to a sample of your work, a trailer, or to other projects completed by the producer, director and/or filmmaking team.
    11. Your name, Production Company Name (if applicable), and mailing address

  • •  1-2 page budget. The budget should itemize pre-production, production, and post-production expenses. The budget should cover the entire project, not just the current phase of production. (If you are applying for a particular grant, feel free to use the template from that organization.)

  • •  CV of producer, director and/or other key personnel, selected to illustrate the competence in your project's subject area necessary to complete the project. Please do not submit more than three CVs.

Application Dates

Fiscal sponsorship applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please note that it may take as long as a month to process an application.

Applications should be sent to DER's Executive Director, Alice Apley ().


DER charges a one-time joining fee of $100.

From accepted projects, we take a small percentage of the donated/granted money raised by your funding efforts to cover our administrative and consulting efforts.

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