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Our archive is one of the most historically important resources in ethnographic film in the world today. We provided the founding collection for the Smithsonian's Human Studies Film Archive and continue to collaborate with the Smithsonian on the use of our collection for research and in the distribution of some of their productions. We also work collaboratively with the Harvard Film Archive on film preservation, collection management and public programs.

Primarily, our collection focuses on footage of cultures and societies around the world. Much of our material is available for licensing as stock footage in other programs for educational use as well as international broadcast.

If you think we may have footage to suit your production's needs, please contact us. In your email let us know the rights you are seeking, the format you require, and the subject matter of your project.

If we have material that fits your criteria, we will send you sample DVDs for reference. The cost is $15 for each DVD we send. We will also quote a per second price to license based on the rights you are seeking. There is a 10 second minimum on any order. Should you only need 5 seconds, we bill at the 10 second rate.

When you are ready to order the master material, we require that you tell us exactly how many seconds you will be using. We require full payment prior to the shipment of the masters. When licensing large volumes of one minute or greater, discounts may be available.

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