1) FAMILY PERSPECTIVE already done

2) COLLECTOR PERSPECTIVE Shaeffers on economic and symbolic aspects. We have interview in Academia, but they have now closed on Menges Mills and have made the agreement read in a way that we can go there to film and/or interview. We've discussed possibly going up to get shots of the place, but nothing will be changed until after June 10th. Bought for them by ERB Associates (Elwood Bookwalter) who also arranged for the international money for renovation. However, they should have already bought the property from ERB as that was the plan as they got money from their bank. Owner didn't want to sell to an individual, but felt safer with a corporation.

3) DEALER PERSPECTIVE Kitchen table, Loafer's benches, Cash register or post office. Loafer's bench shoot is to be scheduled for March 31 or April 7. Interview with interior decorator, Elvira Angelucci at Sigma Nu fraternity house in Lawrence, Kansas. They are in the "Trophy Room" which is 9'x9' and has a fireplace, the 2 benches, 2 antique lamps in high corners, trophies in a case built into the wail and no windows. Has 2 doorways, only one with a door. She redecorated for the 100th anniversary of the fraternity and was hired by the frat Board in Kansas City, specifically dealt with B,J. Hinkel. Lots of ideas from them about color schemes and decor, but she usually decorates with antiques, and as they didn't really know what they wanted when did what she wanted to and they liked it all a great deal. She's arranged with Hinkel for us to film.

4) COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVE Apple butter kettle owner, Dick Snyder, Kerstetters, James Graybill(bench underbidder). Kerstetters are going to open a grocery store in the back and a gift shop up front. They hope to be done sometime in May or June, but husband and son are doing ąt themselves. She really wants us to film it in operation and will push to be open in May(early). Doing all sorts of renovations including a new entrance. Will renovate the house next, but no one in there now. Keeping some of counters, coolers, etc. in the shop. New walls, floors, etc. James Graybill has no trouble hearing on the phone and is very open to interview. Wanted the benches for 2 reasons he said; as collector's items and because they were sentimental. He sat on them for 50 years almost everyday. He wanted to buy 2 of them, but felt that they went too high. He knew Joe Herman bought them and talked about how hard it is to buy with him there and against dealers in general, but mostly he talked about Herman as real big dealer who buys a lot. He is self employed in lumber business so he can accommodate us but would most like to do it on a Saturday. I mentioned early May. He lives just past Graybill's Grove on the way to Ernest's.