WATCH FROM HOME: Argentinian Lesson

Wojciech Staroń
produced by Małgorzata Staroń
color, 59 min, 2011
in Polish and Spanish
with English and Polish subtitles

Available on DSL and DVD:

With lush and intimate photography, Wojciech Staroń documents his family’s move from Poland to Argentina. Struggling to adapt in a foreign country, his 8-year-old son Janek finds a friend in Marcia, a grounded 11-year-old Argentinean of Polish descent. With a strength and determination well beyond her years, Marcia must help make ends meet while holding her family together.

A coming-of-age story uniquely cross-cultural and universal, Janek and Marcia go on adventures throughout the Argentinian countryside together finding work and exploring the beauty of nature around them. Janek’s eagerness and Marcia’s tenacity make them two unforgettable characters in an unconventional love story that sees the innocence of childhood surrounded by the harsh realities of adulthood.

“Staron’s gift for finding magical moments is simply breathtaking, giving the viewer an occasional dose of delicately observed humanity one expects from the great cinematic capturers of ethereal beauty and human foible (Burnette, Malick, Almendros etc.)” — Brandon Harris, The Filmmaker Magazine

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