WATCH FROM HOME: Inside/Outside Station 9

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From the Pittsburgh Police series
John Marshall
black and white, 90 min, 1970

Also available on DSL and DVD

A number of short sequences show some of the events and people in the daily lives of several policemen: their intervention in domestic quarrels, the handling of a hit-and-run case, the approaches taken toward loitering youths, a drunk and disorderly charge being made in Magistrate’s Court, and the interrogation of a burglary suspect.

Police force candidates are shown being interviewed by members of the police department. They discuss their reasons for wanting to be policemen and their thoughts about themselves and their jobs, placing the film in the context of the community from which the department draws its personnel.

About the Pittsburgh Police series
Sponsored by the Lemberg Center for the Study of Violence at Brandeis University, the Pittsburgh Police films were shot by John Marshall in 1969 and 1970. In spite of the racially tense climate in the city, following civil disorders in which 2,000 people were arrested (although no one was killed) in response to the death of Martin Luther King, permission to film was granted by the Director of Public Safety and by each Station’s Inspector. Individual officers provided access, and in each case the people involved gave their consent. The films are designed for use in law schools, community relations projects, sociology and urban studies programs, and for use by the police themselves. Underlying most of these films are the issues of privacy and civil liberties versus police intervention, interrogation, and search and seizure.