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A Kalahari Family
A 6-hour, five-part video series by John Marshall that documents 50 years in the life & times of the Ju/'hoan Bushmen of southern Africa from 1951-2001.

Part I: A Far Country
Part II: End of The Road
Part III: The Real Water
Part IV: Standing Tall
Part V: Death by Myth


There are two kinds of films. Films that show us in skins are lies. Films that show the truth show us with cattle, with farms, with our own water, making our own plans.
--Tsamkxao ≠Oma, ≠Oma's Son

About the Series

   Encapsulating 50 years of Namibian history, A Kalahari Family represents a lifetime of documentation, research, and personal contact with the Ju/'hoansi of Nyae Nyae by filmmaker John Marshall. Through the voices of ≠Oma Tsamkxao and his extended family, viewers learn the extraordinary story of the Ju/'hoansi, beginning with their experiences as independent, self-sufficient hunter-gatherers, continuing through the wrenching changes of dispossession and militarization, and culminating with their attempts to establish viable farming settlements.
   Principally, A Kalahari Family is a story of struggle against the myths and misconceptions that are held about "Bushmen" and the outside economic interests that try to exploit them. Most importantly, the series provides the Ju/'hoansi with an opportunity to speak for themselves and to counter the stereotyped notions of "wild, primitvie Bushmen" with images of the real work Ju/'hoansi are carrying out in Nyae Nyae and the development they have accomplished.
   The series is the product of a fourteen-year collaborative effort involving film and media professionals as well as scholars in the fields of anthropology, history, archaeology and ethnographic film.

genealogy of Kalahari Family bushmen and brief description of the meaning of A Kalahari Family

photo of mongongo tree