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A Chance to Dress - Alice Dungan Bouvrie

A Chance to Dress

Filmmaker: Alice Dungan Bouvrie
Status: Screening

76 year old Professor Emeritus John Southard recently came out to his M.I.T colleagues as a cross-dresser after nearly 40 years of easy collegiality. His exuberant outing is reflected, in part, by his efforts to reach out as an educator and counselor to other closeted students and faculty. His consuming desire is to be finally accepted as a full person in the Geology department as well as in society. So far, his efforts have been met with mixed reactions of grace, curiosity, or avoidance.¬†A Chance To Dress¬†explores the many dimensions of one’s identity and the diversity of gender expression. John’s journey weaves a story that intersects gender presentation, acceptance, the immutability of established institutions and the ultimate affirmation of the human spirit.