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America You Kill Me

America You Kill Me

Filmmaker: Daniel Land
Producers: John Montgomery
Status: In Production

The rise, fall, and legacy of gay rights warrior Jeffrey Montgomery, and the ongoing struggle for equality in the Midwest.

“He is among the most visible and accomplished advocates for safety and equality of GLBT people in Michigan history… a hero and living legend.” – Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm

When his boyfriend was murdered outside a Detroit bar in 1985, Jeffrey Montgomery was horrified to learn police were not even going to investigate. It was ‘just another gay killing’, and not worth the resources.

In 1991, he co-founded the TRIANGLE FOUNDATION to fight for victims of violence, educating and opposing police, prosecutors, city/state/federal government, and the media. Within a decade, TRIANGLE would become the 4th largest statewide LGBTQ+ Rights organization in the nation. In another decade, it was gone.

From a time when police considered gay lives disposable, to cops dancing in Pride marches, this is a story of the costs, and rewards, of strategic activism.