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Bluebirds Fly - Cherry Arnold

Bluebirds Fly

Filmmaker: Big Orange Films
Producers: Cherry Arnold
Status: Screening

According to the CDC, 1 in 68 children are being identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Whether it’s a sibling, cousin, neighbor or co-worker, we all know someone living with autism. Yet many of us lack a clear understanding of what autism is.

Does autism impact the brain or the body? Are you born with autism or does an environmental trigger cause it? How are families, schools and communities meeting the challenges of autism?

Bluebirds Fly follows three families, each with a child on the autism spectrum, with the goal of shedding light on these questions and more. In this deeply moving and informative film, the families share their stories — from the shock of the initial diagnosis, to navigating the health care and school systems, to finding appropriate therapies — we witness their dedication, resilience, humor and acceptance.

Bluebirds Fly leaves audiences with a better understanding of autism, along with a newfound awareness of what can be done to help individuals with autism live happier, more productive lives.

Directed by EMMY-award-winning filmmaker, Cherry Arnold