Sponsored Project

Directing Dissent

Filmmaker: Sophie Hamacher
Producers: Johanna Schiller
Status: Screening

Directing Dissent is a film about John Roemer, teacher and social activist, and his decisions to either live within the law, or have a sound basis for civil disobedience. It not only shows his distinctive and unconventional style of teaching, but uses it as a framework within which to explore his past.

Roemer’s story involves near-death experiences and adventures, both as director of the Maryland ACLU and while playing a pivotal role in helping to integrate Maryland. In the conversations with Roemer he discusses significant personal and historical issues, including Plessy v. Ferguson (1896, a Supreme Court decision upholding racial segregation in private businesses under the doctrine of “separate but equal”), the Gwynn Oak Park demonstrations, integrating the ocean, and why civil liberties are important. At the same time, it is our hope that Directing Dissent will speak directly to and energize those who continue to advocate for social change — from teachers to activists, social workers to students.

Directing Dissent is seeking tax-deductible contributions for the production and distribution of this film.