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Growing Season - Jennifer Malin

Growing Season

Filmmaker: Jennifer J. Malin
Status: In Production

In the heart of Houston, the health department is forging an alliance with vulnerable communities to try to counter both the health and economic insecurities of living in a “food desert,” where fast food is plentiful, but vegetables and fruit are hard to find. Neighborhoods are learning how to grow the produce themselves and the health department is sponsoring the gardens.

Growing Season tells the story of a community garden in one of these neighborhoods: Hiram Clarke. The film follows a single garden and the people who tend it from the moment the ground is broken, until the harvests come in from the first growing season. Will a group of Houstonians, unfamiliar with agriculture, be willing and able to grow and cook their own produce? Growing Season will explore how this new garden shapes the community and the lives of the people who work the soil.