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Mozayik - Jon Bougher


Filmmaker: Jon Bougher
Status: In Production

Over two years since the earthquake in Haiti, almost 500,000 people continue to live in 800 tent camps throughout the capital of Port-au-Prince. Mozayik is one of these camps, housing over 150 people. But the people of Mozayik will soon be moved, because Mozayik is about to be evicted.

Mozayik follows the story of Augustin Mona in his battle to galvanize the camp against their eviction and coordinate their displacement. Organizing protests in coordination with local human rights groups, Mona finds himself stuck in between the will of the Haitian government and the inability of international organizations to act.

A musician and painter living in the camp, he has become the impromptu leader of Mozayik. With a strong social conscience and head of dreadlocks stretching down to his legs, Mona demands that the Haitian government and international community respect the rights of Haiti’s internally displaced people.