Sponsored Project

ParaGold – Ron Davis


Filmmaker: Ron Davis
Status: In Production

Thank you so much for making a donation to ParaGold. We are hoping to raise the $100,000 needed to complete the film and send it out into the world. No donation is too small. Your donation will go directly to editing, composing an original score, and polishing up the color and sound. To show our gratitude we are offering the following thank you rewards below.

Thank you rewards:

  • < $100 donation: Email thank you from the director of the film and the satisfaction of helping make this film possible
  • $100 donation: Digital download of the documentary when released
  • $500 donation: “Thank you” in the ending credits
  • $1,000 donation: Zoom call with a Para athlete and director of the film, post-release
  • $2,500 donation: Pre-release online screening of the documentary
  • $5,000 donation: Pre-release online screening and private Zoom Q&A with director and a Para athlete
  • $10,000+ donation: Pre-release, in-person screening with director (Expenses paid by donor), “Producer” credit in the ending credits

Each reward includes all the awards above it.

ParaGold - Ron Davis