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Pour the Water as I Leave – Daniela Repas

Pour the Water as I Leave

Filmmaker: Daniela Repas
Producers: Jessica Daugherty
Status: In Production

Refugee survivors of the Bosnian War of the 1990’s give their testimony which guides two fictional characters who are attempting to escape the same war zone in the animated, documentary hybrid feature film Pour the Water as I Leave. Through animation and interviews of eight Bosnian refugees, the film reveals the incredible resilience demonstrated by the people of Lukavac, Bosnia during and after the fallout of ex-Yugoslavia.

The story follows two fictional characters, the woman and the man, as they navigate through a besieged country, city landscapes, households, and military spaces. The mutual attraction between the woman and the man becomes unattainable as the narrative unfolds and exodus is inevitable. On their path, they encounter real people whose testimonies are tied into the fictional narrative, opening a line of urgent communication between our past and our present.