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The House He Built

The House He Built

Filmmaker: Caterina Borelli
Status: In Production

93-yrs old Sergio Borelli lives in Rome in The House He Built, a 5-story repository of the thousands of books, images and unique objects he collected over six decades as a journalist on assignments across the globe; as a TV-format visionaries and founder of INPUT — the International Public TV Conference.

The film narrates Sergio’s life as he recalls it talking with his daughter and his grand niece and moving between the different rooms of his house. As Sergio did in the past traveling from country to country, he now time-travels in his home, “transported” by the objects he collected.

The House He Built is more than a personal narrative. By portraying the strong relationship between Sergio, the space he lives in, and the objects he kept, it speaks to all of us of our over clattered existence. Furthermore in the conversations between the three different generation – all professionals in the field of information – The House He Built is a multi-layered reflection on memory and aging, on how our ways of getting to know and understanding the world has changed — or has it? — in the last 70 years.