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The Prison Within - Katherin Hervey

The Prison Within

Filmmaker: Katherin Hervey
Producers: Katherin Hervey, Eric Frith
Status: Post Production

Men incarcerated for murder inside San Quentin Prison struggle to transcend the barriers of the punitive prison system by working with survivors of violent crime to unearth the root cause of their violence – untreated trauma. Each character undergoes a radical transformation, revealing how every human being, on both sides of the wall, can break out of their own personal prisons to stop the cycle of violence.

We are asking the audience to set aside what they think they know about incarcerated people. Most people in prison are first a victim. Anger and violence stem from untreated trauma. When our justice system excludes the notion of rehabilitation, it necessarily perpetuates the cycle of violence by failing to address trauma. The fallout from untreated trauma ultimately affects the entire community. This film serves as an example of how all people can change, how we can evolve as a community, and the power of connecting to the humanity in others, even those who have committed harm.