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The Speed of Orange - Justin Hunt

The Speed of Orange

Filmmaker: Justin Hunt
Status: In Production

The Speed of Orange is the latest documentary by award-winning director, Justin Hunt (AbsentAmerican Meth). It explores the horse racing entity known as GHL, a gritty, hard working family on the Colorado Horse Racing Circuit in the 1970s. No other name dominated horse racing in the southwest as much as the Hunts, in that era. The first horse racing film ever shot in 3D, The Speed of Orange offers a fascinating first person perspective into the everyday life of the sport of kings. It also documents the downfall of one of the greatest teams in quarter horse racing history, as well as their redemption, which is brought about only through the aching burn of personal loss when the matriarch slowly loses her battle with cancer. This truly is a story of an ordinary family living in an extraordinary world.