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Toe The Line

Toe the Line

Filmmaker: Barbara Copithorne
Status: In Production

One teacher. One school. Countless dreams. Toe the Line follows an at-risk student on her trek through an arts-magnet pubic high-school program, along with five others who graduate before her. They endure grueling workouts, competition for parts, bullying, perilous home-life situations, peer pressure, and losses. But as we we watch these dancers tirelessly practice their art on a daily basis, we see arts education in action. We witness how an artist injected into the school teaches her students to collaborate, to create, and to think outside the box. The camera follows them beyond graduation, through life’s highs and lows, and bears testament to the fact that the lessons Joan Sheary teaches stay with her students for the rest of their lives. Toe the Line unveils a model built on civic, cultural and educational values in a city that believes no education is complete without the arts.