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Used - Kyle Harris


Filmmaker: Kyle Harris

From the State Capitol and the back-alleys of Denver to above ground syringe exchanges throughout the world, U.S.E.D., a one-hour documentary, sheds light on the politicians, drug addicts, social justice activists, people of faith, police, scientists, and medical professionals raising tough questions about why public parks are littered with dirty syringes and drug users are dying from Hepatitis C and HIV. From one group so fed up with policy that they disobey the law to hand out clean syringes, to concerned citizens working to pass a pro-syringe exchange bill at the Colorado State Legislature, U.S.E.D. chronicles people challenging public health practice and political process. Examining multiple sides of the harm reduction debate, U.S.E.D. tells an internationally relevant story about a neglected population in crisis and a public deciding how to respond.