DER Filmmaker - Catherine Mullins

Catherine Mullins

  • A member of the Canadian film industry for thirty years, writer-director-producer Catherine Mullins heads Montreal-based Green Lion Productions which she founded in 1989. Before launching her independent company, Mullins spent 17 years at the National Film Board of Canada where she developed managerial and filmmaking skills eventually producing the award-winning Gwynne Dyer mini- series Defence of Canada.

    Other distinguished and prize-winning documentaries produced by Mullins include Green Lion’s mini-series The Human Race—a Species at the Crossroads; Untangling the Mind—the Legacy of Dr. Heinz Lehmann; and A Bridge to Mars, about humankind’s quest for Mars.

    In 2005, Catherine Mullins made her directorial debut with Their Brothers’ Keepers—Orphaned by AIDS. This was followed by the equally well-received feature documentary Being Innu, a powerful portrait of the lives and hopes of the Innu of Sheshatshiu, Labrador, mainly through the eyes of six outspoken and courageous youths; and her latest film—which she also wrote, directed and produced—THEY SHINE: Two Families Orphaned by Aids, Seven Years Later (2013).