DER Filmmaker - Chris Horner

Christopher Horner

United States
  • Before graduating high school, Christopher Horner had already studied anthropology and been involved in exchange programs on Hopi Reservations. Graduating from UC Berkeley in 1976 with a degree in architecture and environmental design, Chris accepted a job with MGM as a set designer. He worked on films such as Winter KillsComes a HorsemanAltered StatesThe Jazz Singer and the Emmy-award-winning Friendly Fire for CBS, among many others.

    In the late 80’s, Chris began directing commercials for European Television Company (ETC) among various other directing assignments. Following his involvement in the creation of L’Association Jour de la Terre (the French Earth Day environmental organization), Chris returned to California in 1992 to design the film Miracle Mile and has since done extensive design and special-effects consulting for a variety of film and television projects. He continues writing, directing, and producing a number of TV programs in the States and abroad.

    In addition, Chris works as a partner in Cinetransformer International, a Mexico City-based manufacturer and operator of mobile digital movie theatres which bring movies and educational services to underserved communities in developing nations. He is currently developing a documentary series exploring how the world can benefit by transitioning to a new economic paradigm where environmental cost is incorporated into the equation.

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