DER Filmmaker Daniel Cross

Daniel Cross

  • Daniel Cross is a multi-disciplined award winning documentary filmmaker who has made his mark with films concerning the issues of homelessness in Canada. His feature length films, THE STREET: a film with the homeless and S.P.I.T: Squeegee Punks in Traffic received theatrical distribution and critical acclaim. They are reflective of his artistic philosophy that film is a medium for affecting social and political change. Daniel also has experience in TV broadcast, having directed and produced the Gemini nominated Too Colourful for the League and George, From Athens to Beijing currently in production with CTV, BBC Storyville and TV2 Denmark. In addition to making films, Daniel is active in the film community, serving as an executive on national boards, including the CFTPA and DOC (formerly CIFC). He also teaches film production at Concordia University and has taught at the University of Regina.

    Daniel is the president and founder of EyeSteelFilm.