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John Dickinson

  • An Anglo Argentine, John Dickinson was born 1946 in Argentina. He majored in history at Harvard University and then studied filmmaking in Sweden and at the American Film Institute, and worked as a film technician in the US, Europe, and Latin America. His early camerawork included JFK, Bob Cohen’s feature documentary on the Kennedy assassination. He started making documentaries in Argentina and Europe in the 1970’s, and feature films from time to time, including the experimental feature film Molotov Party in Rome (1969-70), featuring the Rolling Stones. Spending most of the 70’s in Europe, he also worked as a UN conference interpreter, journalist-cameraman, and foley artist, making the Columbia record New York Noises. In 1974, he directed and produced One Movement, a feature documentary on dance shot in Buenos Aires and post-produced in Paris with Jean Rouch and CNRS. In 1979, he moved to Venezuela for the next 25 years, working as an industry lighting technician and cameraman and producing documentaries for Expedition the Radio Caracas nature and ecology program, which are sold to the Discovery Channel. Meanwhile, he was independently directing an award-winning documentary series about the Caribbean oral tradition (The Cumana DevilPeasant Painter, and The Mandolin King.) Another documentary film cycle followed which centered on indigenous communities in the Orinoco basin and the upper Amazon (including Ajishama, the White Ibis).

    In the 90s, he directed feature films for the cinema, including Blows and Boleros (35mm, 90min), coproduced by Channel 4 London and Foncine Venezuela, and The Crystal Ship, shot in Fireland and Antarctica (super 16mm, 75min) – possibly the first fiction feature shot in Antarctica.

    Back in Buenos Aires in 2004, he continues producing and directing both feature films and documentaries and also works as a feature film screenwriter. Currently, he is completing Losing Track a television special about Argentina’s railway legacy.

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