DER Filmmaker – John Dickinson

John Edward Dickinson

  • Argentine/British born in Buenos Aires,1946. B.A. in History from Harvard College, 1967, magna cum laude, film studies/workshops at Swedish Film Institute, AFI, and Cal Arts. He has worked in film since 1970, as cameraperson/lighting cameraperson, soundman,and director.

    In the 1970s he left Argentina to become Paris-based and in the 80s resettled in Venezuela, continuing as camera operator and DP and directing documentaries, including The CumanĂ¡ Devil, Country Painter, and The Mandolin King, which received a total of 24 awards in Venezuela, Germany and France. Dickinson also made the feature documentary Ajishama, and produced and directed two fiction features in Venezuela, Blows and Boleros, (Channel 4 London, Foncine), and The Crystal Ship (Dickinson/Foncine).

    In 2004 he moved back to Argentina, and since then has produced and directed several fiction features, Splitting Atoms (2006), Destiny Foretold (2013), and Dolores (2016- Argentina/Brazil coproduction, INCAA/ANCINE), as well as the feature documentary Station Day in 2011, and the documentary television special Breaking the Cycle (England, 2014).

    In 2018 he produced/directed the documentary feature Fireland Dogs (Tierra del Fuego). He is currently working on a documentary feature about nature conservation, to be shot in Patagonia.