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Sam Low

United States
  • Sam Low is a Harvard trained anthropologist (Ph.D. 1974) who since 1979 has written, directed and produced programs for such PBS series as NovaOdysseyOut of the Past, and The Ring of Truth. In 1983 he produced The Navigators: Pathfinders of the Pacific, a PBS special featuring the Polynesians and their epic voyages, which has been shown on television nationally and internationally. He has sailed 5000 miles aboard Hokule’a – a replica of an ancient Polynesian voyaging canoe. He is a journalist with many articles published in various sailing magazines as well as other venues.

    Sam’s articles and films have won many awards. He has taught as a professor and lecturer at Hunter College and Bowdoin College and participated in underwater archeological excavations in Greece and Turkey. He is presently working on a book to be published by the University of Hawaii Press on Hokule’a, her voyages and the vessel’s role in the Hawaiian Renaissance. He lives on Martha’s Vineyard and in Maine.

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