Susan Fanshel

Susan Fanshel

United States
  • Susan Fanshel is an independent documentary filmmaker and editor whose award-winning films include: A Weave of Time; Voulkos and Company; Nevelson in Process; Made in the Bronx; Six American Families: The Kennedys of New Mexico; and The Odyssey Tapes.

    As an editor, she has collaborated with producers Bill Moyers, David Grubin, Ofra Bikel, Anne Makepeace and Martin Smith among others. The films she has edited have received the highest honors in broadcast journalism including: The George Foster Peabody Award (3); The Alfred Du Pont-Columbia Award (2); The John O’Conner Film Award; The Banff World Television Award; and The Emmy Award (2).

    Fanshel began her career in the San Francisco Bay Area after graduating from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Fine Art. She currently resides in New York City.

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