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Learn about our Indigenous Studies Film Initiative and browse films and related resources about many of the world's Indigenous culture groups.
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About the Initiative

DER’s Indigenous Studies Film Initiative is a commitment to decolonize and indigenize the DER film collection and improve access to our catalogue for Indigenous audiences through the creation of an interactive map, application of reparative language to subject categories, and outreach and collaboration with communities depicted in our collection.

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Interactive Film Map

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Indigenous Studies Subject Categories

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Why is it important to know whose land we live on? Indigenous history is our shared history, and by learning the cultures and histories of Indigenous Peoples we honor those histories and counter the narratives of discovery and colonial power. Acknowledgement by itself is a small gesture. It becomes meaningful when coupled with authentic relationship and informed action.


Open to Collaborate Notice

Open To Collaborate

DER is committed to the development of new modes of collaboration, engagement, and partnership with Indigenous peoples for the care and stewardship of past and future heritage collections.

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This project is supported by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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