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Ju/'hoan San elder on a hunt, Namibia, 1999, © Paul Weinberg
Filmmaker Interviews

Interview: Paul Weinberg, Photographer of San Communities in Southern Africa

Photographer Paul Weinberg talks about his work documenting San hunter-gatherer communities in  Namibia, Botswana and South Africa over three decades.

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1961 Peabody expedition to New Guinea with Robert Gardner, Karl Heider, Michael Rockefeller, Peter Matthiessen, and others

Robert Gardner and Peter Matthiessen Discuss 1961 New Guinea Expedition

In this 1996 interview, Robert Gardner and Peter Matthiessen discuss their 1961 trip to New Guinea, which resulted in Mr. Gardner’s film “Dead Birds” and Mr. Matthiessen’s book “Under the Mountain Wall.”

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DER Podcast: Willem Timmers on FRAMING THE OTHER
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DER Podcast: Filmmaker Willem Timmers on FRAMING THE OTHER

A couple of days after Framing the Other screened at the Margaret Mead Film Festival — alongside Cannibal Tours, one of the inspirations for the film — the film’s director, Willem Timmers, and I took a walk on New York City’s Highline.

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