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Robbie Leppzer Podcast“People can make a difference. By working together from the grassroots, as a collective community, we can make a change. Even though my films deal with a variety of different issues the common theme in all of them is grassroots empowerment – that we as citizens, if we come together in a collective way, can make a difference. And so, I’m really trying to, I guess, inspire people to be engaged citizens.”

— Robbie Leppzer

Recently, Executive Director Alice Apley sat down here at the DER office with filmmaker Robbie Leppzer to discuss the Turning Tide Collection. Released as six individual DVDs, this collection spans thirty years of Leppzer’s work documenting social activism at home and abroad.


Mixing time and Space: A Conversation with Steven Feld on Voices of the Rainforest
Filmmaker Interviews

Mixing Time and Space: A Conversation with Steven Feld

Steven Feld’s “Voices of the Rainforest” provides viewers extraordinary access to the complex human and non-human soundscape of Papua New Guinea’s Bosavi rainforest. Curious about how the film was constructed, Alice Apley “sat down” with Steve in their respective locations of Boston and Santa Fe and, over email, discussed the making of the film.

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Filmmaker Tala Hadid
Filmmaker Interviews

The Camera as Guest: A Conversation with Tala Hadid on House in the Fields

Alijah Case met with up with filmmaker Tala Hadid to discuss her film House in the Fields before its New York premiere at the Margaret Mead Film Festival in October 2017.

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