Remastered Yanomamö Films Update

Yanomamo Films Restoration Update

The first 2K scans of the Yanomamö films have come back from the lab and we couldn’t wait to share a sneak preview with you. 

For years, the video versions in distribution simply didn’t do these films justice. Fortunately with a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation and contributions from generous donors on Kickstarter, we’re now able to create new digital versions that let us bring the films to you in beautiful, intimate detail – as they were meant to be seen.

These canonical – some would say “infamous” – works, made by Timothy Asch and Napoleon Chagnon, offer an irreplaceable window into a way of life that has been eclipsed by outside social, political and economic forces. They remain important to our understanding of who we are as humans, providing insight into one chapter of human history and our capacity for adaptation to diverse local environments. The films in the Yanomamö Series have been in regular demand for teaching and screenings around the world since their release, and we look forward to making these newly restored versions available in 2019.

Check out a sneak preview of the work in progress!

Every film in the DER collection offers an opportunity to fuel our understanding and imagination of who we are, where we have come from, and the endless possibilities for our collective future.

Your continued support will help us preserve more films in DER’s collection and take on new and exciting contemporary media to share with educators, scholars, and community members like you.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Marshall Exhibit at !Khwa tuu San Cultural Center

Exhibition in South Africa featuring the Marshall films: Bringing Back the Archive

We are delighted to announce an exhibition featuring John Marshall’s films and Marshall expedition photos now open at the !Khwa ttu San Heritage Center outside Cape Town, South Africa. The exhibit opened in September 2023, following a multi-year collaboration between !Khwa ttu, Harvard’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, and DER.

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N/um Tchai (1969)

DER Receives 2023 Preservation Grant from NFPF

DER is excited to announce that we are recipients of a 2023 preservation grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation to restore two of John Marshall’s films – BITTER MELONS (1971) and N/UM TCHAI (1969).

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